Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bring on the Calories!

Of course gaining weight requires eating more. This may sound easy and even fun, but for someone who has to eat a lot to gain weight it's not so great (I've tried many times before). The other down sound is that I'm a poor college student, and food is expensive! However, I plan on being positive about this experience. I remind myself that I'm doing this for my own well being, which is priceless. Besides I would much rather have to eat more than eat less! So here it is: I should eat 2,600 calories a day to gain weight.  I got this information from Weight Gain Calculator. (I checked off the calorie booster box because I am naturally very thin).

I've been keeping track of my calories for the past few days and I am just getting over 2,000. Believe it or not it's difficult eating that many calories (at least if you are eating healthy foods)!  I have three meals a day and snacks in between. To get those extra calories I'll make my meal portions larger and drink a nutritious supplement.  Right now I am trying Boost Plus once a day. It has 360 calories and 14 grams of protien. It's in a small bottle so it doesn't fill me up too much, and it tastes great!

By the way, I am by NO means a nutritionist or doctor. I would recommend talking to a professional before trying to gain weight (I did last year). Any tips would also be highly appreciated!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Beginning

While I was searching the web on how to gain weight, I was surprised on the limited information I found (especially for girls).  So I started this blog to share my experience with weight gain, and to find others who are trying as well.

I want to be at a more healthy weight for my height. I'm 5'7'' and weigh 112 pounds.  I should weigh about 143 pounds for a healthy BMI, but according to http://howmuchshouldiweigh.org it's OK if I weigh between 123 and 164.  Since I've always been naturally super skinny, my goal weight is 125. So I need to gain 13 pounds.

I want to gain weight for my overall health, and I plan on doing so in a healthy way by eating right and exercising. Being too under or over weight is of course never good for you. I'm hoping that with some extra pounds I'll be more energized and in better shape.  I'm not gonna lie either, I am doing this for outward appearance as well.  I would love to be a little more curvier, and I'm tired of the "OMG you're so/too skinny!" comments. Sure those comments can be nice at times, but for the most part they're annoying, and I figure most people are just trying to tell me to eat more.

So if you too are curious on how to gain weight follow me and feel free to leave any comments or helpful tips!